Dizzywood Explorer’s Journal Has Moved

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Listen up Explorers!

Exploring in Dizzywood just got better! Starting tomorrow, you will discover that Dizzywood has come alive with all types of neat sounds. Everything you interact with will come to life-your Zap Power will sound more powerful, you’ll hear when your friends chat with you, you’ll even hear new sounds when you open your backpack, travel from room to room, put on new clothes, and get new items! Keep your ears open for these sounds as you explore a new and exciting Dizzywood!

Things to Come!

Could this be a new power? What do you think it could be?

What happened to Xiomara’s furniture? There’s been rumors going around that Dizzies have been wanting to flip their furniture…so lo and behold, Xiomara has found the secret! If you have a Dizzywood home, you can now flip your furniture! (Hint: Use your Magic Size power).

Do you like expressing yourself through your Dizzywood outfits? Do you or your friends throw costume parties? With the new Look Book feature, you will now be able to create, name and save all your favorite looks and change into them as quickly as dropping a plant! Really, it’s that simple, and fun!

Is this Tanglevine Jungle with a door? Is this Outer Space? Where are we?

Dizzywood Interviews the Creative Brooke Lodgington:

The creative Brooke Lodgington recently opened the doors to her furniture emporium, and we got to sit down with her to ask a few questions:

DW: Brooke! Thank you for choosing Dizzywood to set up shop. We love your showrooms! Tell us, where do you get the inspiration for your furniture?

BROOKE: (Brooke adjusts her glasses) I’m a huge collector and big believer in feng shui, so I gather my inspiration from the environment around me. I spend my weekends at flea markets, garage sales, and bizarres gathering ideas for new pieces.

DW: How do you feel knowing that Dizzies are decorating their homes with your creations?

BROOKE: I love it! My biggest hope is that everyone will have the chance to express their creativity (Brooke smiles) with what they find in my showrooms and share it with their friends! The best part about my job is hearing that Dizzies are working together to decorate their homes. I know I always work best when I have a buddy around!

DW: You have a wide range of styles in your showrooms, how do you decide what to sell?

BROOKE: It all stems from my vision of having these new homes be a place where Dizzywood explorers can feel comfortable and relax after a long day of adventures. Plus, everyone is unique, so I try and sell something for everyone! (Brooke picks a small piece of wood from between her teeth)

DW: Is it true you designed your first home when you were only ten years old?

BROOKE: (Brooke chuckles) When I was a young beaver I spent my time sketching what I wish my room would look like. Then when I was ten, a friend and I bunked heads and thought it would be a great idea to design our own furniture! And here I am, in the marvelous Dizzywood!

We had to stop the interview there because Brooke wanted to get back to the blue showroom to welcome new Dizzies. As a thank you, we took Brooke through some Dizzywood homes to show her how her furniture was being used to spark creativity!

Your Own Dizzywood Room Coming Soon!

Do you love expressing yourself through your Dizzywood outfits? Love inviting your friends to dance parties? How about doing all that in your very own room! That’s right! Express yourselves through the artwork on your walls, or that certain sofa in the corner of your room. Invite your friends to collaborate with you on how to decorate your new room!

Soon, you can take a walk through Dizzywood’s new showrooms located in Lodgington’s Home Emporium for the newest in home furnishings, and then bring them back and decorate your room while having your friends visit!

And that’s not all! Some of that furniture is going to be a wee-bit too heavy for you to carry, so you’re going to need some super strength to move it around your new room. You will need a new power!

This news is so exciting that we have decided to share some some sneak peeks with you!

Dancers of Dizzywood Unite!

Dizzywood is celebrating International Dance Day by asking everyone to band together and throw the most elaborate dance party the ‘Wood has ever seen! Put on your dancing shoes, your best getup, gather your friends, and get dancing! Use your Dizzy cameras to capture your dance party.

Have your parents email customer_service@dizzywood.com with your best snapshots and we will post the pictures with the biggest turnout here on the Explorer’s Journal!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Celebrate Arbor Day! Plant a Tree in Wildwood Glen!

Many of you have been hard at work restoring Wildwood Glen’s trees, showing the evil Emperor Withering that he cannot destroy our Dizzywood! A big thank you goes out to all of you that have accomplished planting those Mirthwood seeds. In honor of your diligent efforts, Dizzywood, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, will plant a real tree out in the world! Spread the word and seeds to everyone you know! Help make a difference on Earth!